hey there.

im wacky


i am wacky

a really cool picture of me

hey there, im wacky. im 16 and this is my 3rd attempt at making a website, so dont get mad at me if you dont like it. if you want to know more about me, just keep scrolling down, or view my journal page where i post some text and audio entries.


my autobiography

Wacky was born on January 8, 2007, which coincidentally, is also the same day as his birthday. blah blah blah okay im getting bored. you can look at some info using these cool dropdown boxes i spent like 3 hours coding so you better appreciate every single part of it.

Some basic info

im just gonna expand on my introduction, blah blah im wacky and im 16 blah blah filipino blah blah blah blah, i was born january 8 2007 blah blah. im in 10th grade, and i learn coding on the side after school. i do a lot of self study and i also learn a lot from all of jonas schmedtmann's courses on udemy. my plan for the future is to eventually start my own company, i still dont know what its gonna be about but i have more than enough time to think.

i have a crazy obsession with musical theater; i dont do it but i love watching it. my two favorite musicals right now is beetlejuice and sound of music, although ive only been able to watch the bootleg of beetlejuice so far. speaking of beetlejuice, i really really REALLY want to move to new york, it is basically on the top of my bucket list, so ideally i want to make a company in new york. why am i obsessed with new york? only because of broadway ;D

im planning to make this website my secret little thing cuz im not expecting people to actually visit this website, so if u are stalking me, your about to have a deep look inside of my thoughts if u visit my journal and wackster. who knows, i might even go to jonas schmedtmann route and eventually make my own courses.

I have a couple hobbies

besides coding, i love playing instruments. i play drums, cajon, and a little of guitar and ukelele. i love card tricks, i have a whole collection of playing cards (a little over 70 decks), and they are all awesome. i occasionally solve rubiks cubes, i had around 30 of them, however i did lose a couple of them somehow; i havent been that active with them lately. alongside that, i love biking, calisthenics, sim racing, driving, formula 1, fragrances, gaming, vr, editing, rendering, music, musicals, climbing, chess and a lot more.

View my spotify playlists

here are a couple spotify playlists that i personally made and listen to a lot! i have like 18 more playlists, but these are the most complete ones out of all of them. if you want to view my spotify profile just click here


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